Isabelle Hittner-Schmidt founded Atelier Safrane Cortambert,
a hand embroidery company that creates embroideries for numerous
Haute Couture and Luxury Ready to Wear garments.

Desirous to use this delicate savoir-faire, she is launching her own
eponymous label of embroidered garments.

Her love for and in-depth knowledge of film have driven her to design
an evening wear line called
“Les Caftans du 7ème Art”

Eager to give a touch of embroidery to each piece of a woman’s
wardrobe, she created a daywear line and an evening wear line.

Her collections are always constructed around the number 9,
A life’s journey that encourages travelling in so many ways.
A voyage to the land of artistic sensitivity, of finesse and of class.
A trip to the heart of emotions, inspiration, creation.

9 is the last of the single digits, and so is the number of completion.
It symbolizes the beginning and the end of a pregnancy then of a
creation, as it completes all that has been started.